Hospital Hill Recap

The Blonde and I ran the 2012 HH 5k on Saturday, June 2nd. HH is a combined 5k, 10k, and 1/2M. It is a pretty hilly course. The eventual Kenyan winner of the 1/2 even was surprised at the hills. Fortunately, as we ran the 5k, we didn’t have to deal with all of them.

The race is generally pretty organized, but traffic was pretty crazy. I imagine a lot of people missed the start of the race. Fortunately, my employer is several blocks away, so we could park in the garage. We did end up jogging to the race part of the way and made it with 10 minutes to spare. It didn’t give us a lot of time to stretch, however. We also struggled to get into our corral. I really just wanted to get in front of the walkers. Since we were 5kers, we were pretty far up front from a pacing standard. We were assigned corral B, but ended up leaving with the Cs. Which is fine because we were a bit optimistic on our finishing times.

Race conditions were perfect. Cool with a slight breeze and low humidity. We started off relatively fast a 8:00 pace. At that point it was just follow the crowd and try to weave your way through. After the first mile, is the first large hill. This was already starting to take a toll on people as I started to pass more people. We have a 5k course mapped from our house with long hills on it, so we had trained alright for this.

After the first set of long hills is where the 5kers pull off from the rest of the pack. It dropped in congestion pretty much at that point. This was about mile 2.3. I was feeling pretty good at that point. It was mostly downhill from here. However, there was one major sharp incline and decline left around mile 2.5. The incline was a piece of cake. I passed a couple of people up it. However, the decline was so sharp that I had to brake myself pretty drastically. I was then passed by the same people I had just passed.

I had decided to wear some minimalist shoes and went with my Merrell Barefoots. I did this based on the course distance. In retrospect, due to the hills, I probably should have chosen to go with my Kinvara 2s due to the extra padding. I think the the extra padding would have helped my heels on the way down. But, I had only done one run in them, so I went with the shoe I knew better.

At about 2.9m you could see the finish line. That is when I really picked up my pace. I ended up repassing the person who leapfrogged me earlier. Looking at my stats from my monitor, I briefly hit 5:05 pace (emphasis on brief) and a 191hpm as I crossed the finish line, so I was going probably as fast as my old body would let me go.

I then waited around the cameras for The Blonde to come by so we could get a picture together. This was my first real race and hers in several years. She had previously run the 5k & 1/2 at HH.

My chip time was 26:11. That was good for overall of 215 / 1710, gender of 157 / 627, and age of 17 / 71. Not too bad with two months of training from scratch. The Blonde did even better within her groupings. Her chip time was 26:59. That was good for overall of 264 / 1710, gender of 83 / 1083, and age of 8 / 160.

12. July 2012 by TheBald
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