KC Half Marathon Race Report Part I

We scheduled the Kansas City Half  back in the summer.  The reason for running this was twofold.  The first reason was to get an official race time so we can get a decent corral placement at RunDisney Goofy.  The second was TheBlonde wanted to compare her running ability now vs. when she ran several years ago.  This was my first 1/2 marathon, so I was going to PR, no matter what.  Our overall goal was to get a sub 2:00 race in.  My attitude towards this race was as a strong training run, as it was just a bump in the road towards the ultimate goal.

We started off the morning early, a bit too early.  Neither of us could sleep very well.  I believe I woke up around 2:30, though I tried to just lay there and go back to sleep.  The Blonde got up around 3 and got up.  Around 4:30 is when we started getting ready for the 7:05 race time. I think I had a Coke Zero and half a pop tart for breakfast.  We decided we needed some fuel, so we grabbed our iFitness belt.  I left off the water bottles as I felt that the race would provide enough of that.  So, we packed some GU and jelly bellies.

We learned from our last race in this location to get there early.  So, we headed out and didn’t hit much traffic.  We parked at my employer’s garage which is nice as we don’t have to fight everyone else for parking spaces.

I did have a minor technology emergency that morning. I had plugged in my GPS into my computer to charge the night before.  Unfortunately, one of them didn’t get the message and as I looked at my GPS right before we were getting ready to leave, I saw 5% charged.  Oh crap!  Fortunately, The Blonde had a car USB charger and I was able to charge to 70% on the way to the race.  Lesson number one learned, ensure your devices are actually charging, not just plugged in.

We were parked and set to go around 6, so we still had an hour to go before the race started.  So, we hung out in the car for another half an hour before we started the 10 minute walk to the start.  That gave us some time to relax. After we got to the race area, we still had 10 – 15 minutes to go, so one last stop at the stinky brown boxes.

The weather was going to be perfect for long race.  Start in the forty’s and peak in the fifty’s by the end of the race with no wind. Knowing that, I dressed pretty moderately.  I had my Go Run Rides on with short injinji socks, longish shorts, a long sleeve tech shirt, a hat, and sunglasses.  I had decided that I wasn’t going to wear earbuds as I wanted to experiment what it was like running a decent distance without them.  I figured I would be entertained enough by other runners and running through the streets of the city.  City running is interesting because you drive past a lot of these places, but you are going pretty quickly.  This gives you chance to take a long slow look at the buildings, roads, and nature.

Having said all of that, it chilly standing there with your closest couple of thousand friends that you did not know you had.  We were able to find a break in the chute and got in right where the 1:55 and 2:00 pacers were standing.  I figured if I could keep those guys in my sights, I was in good shape and would finish somewhere under 2 hours. At 7:00 the released the wheelchair division.  Then they started doing a minute countdown.  Finally, 7:05 came and we were off.  There were no corrals so we just followed the surge forward.  About 30 feet before the start people started running.  We hit the start line, I hit my go button on my GPS and we were off.

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21. October 2012 by TheBald
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