T-24 days

We are getting close to the Disney Dumbo Double Dare (I think I got that right).  We have been putting in 36-38 miles a week the past couple of weeks.  Last week I put in 38.11 mi. Our training plan for the next couple of weeks will be similar and then we will start tapering off per Coach Caleb.

We have 2 more big weeks (including this one) before it’s time to taper down to the Disney Double. Keep up the good work, and embrace the tired legs running as it’s the whole point so you can run the later miles of the races strong!

We started off this morning with 8 miles and some pace work sprinkled in. According to Strava I had my second fastest time in: 1 mile , 1k , and 1/2 mile .

Last month I ran a total of 153.57 mi.  Looking at what we did when we were training for Goofy, we are putting in many more miles, amazingly enough.

05. August 2013 by TheBald
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