Challenge Accepted!

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Henry Ford

Recently, I was introduced to the AdvoCare product line. If you’re not familiar with AdvoCare, it’s a line of all-natural supplements designed for weight loss/management, energy, sports performance, and overall wellness.

One of the products in the AdvoCare line is the 24-Day Challenge:

Upon hearing about the Challenge, I was skeptical; however, after seeing the amazing results a few friends and my mom have had during just the first week, I committed to taking the Challenge myself. I mean, what do I have to lose besides some pesky unwanted pounds/inches?

Lately, I’ve been feeling, for lack of a better term, like poo. I’ve had no energy and not feeling as good as I could during my runs. I’m not out of shape in any way, nor am I overweight, but I’ve been unhappy with the way my clothes fit and wanted to make a positive change. The Challenge seemed to be a relatively easy and safe method to rid myself of 6-7 lbs and improve my running performance.

Today marks Day 1 of my Challenge, and so far, it’s going great! The first 10 days are the “cleanse” phase, which involves lots of fiber and probiotics. Fun. My only obstacle, as I suspected from the get-go, is making myself eat breakfast. I never eat before my runs (which are first thing in the AM) and often don’t feel like it after; besides, I’m usually busying myself with getting ready for work.  Today I missed breakfast because I woke up late (8:30?) and, by the time I got around to completing my workout and showering, etc., it was already 11:30…time for lunch! I did manage to down my fiber drink, which I had been told was NASTY, with no problem. Honestly, as a woman of consenting age, I’ve had much worse-tasting things in my mouth 😉

Oh, another obstacle was mustering up the courage to weigh myself this morning so I can know exactly how much I progress. Something about the scale just unleashes the negativity bots in my brain, so I don’t use it any more than required. After stuffing my belly with pizza, breadsticks, and cookies last night, I dreaded stepping on the scale. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated (shocker!), especially with where I am in my hormonal cycle (TMI?). 136.3. From here we go forward…or down…but certainly not up 🙂

If the rest of the Challenge proves to be as easy as it has been so far, I’m excited to see what the next 3 weeks hold! I plan to blog a bit more often during this, which shouldn’t be difficult as I haven’t been blogging at all. Bad Blonde blogger.

Has anyone had success with AdvoCare (or similar line) or know someone who has? I am curious to learn more about the company and its products, but am not ready to be a full-time cheerleader until I’ve experienced success myself.


15. September 2013 by TheBlonde
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  1. Good luck! I’ve had mixed success in the past with programs like this, but hopefully yours goes well. I would imagine the cleanse phase is the hardest, so keep it up through then.

    • Thanks Craig! It’s going well so far (day 4). I am craving high fructose corn syrup products (candy), but I think it’s because it’s the nature of the birthday beast 🙂

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