Princess Half Marathon Weekend Wrapup

Some final thoughts from our race weekend.

First, thanks very much to the volunteers!  Everyone we ran into was very pleasant and helpful.

I thought that the 10K course was not as nice as the one we ran in DL.  In that race we ran for about two miles outside of DL and then ran the rest of the race inside both of the parks with a finish through DTD.  Of course, a lot of this is areas I was not familiar with as it was my first trip to DL and had only been in one park the day before.

For the Enchanted 10K, we spent the first 3.5 miles in parking lots and on roadways.  And even then, we only spent .75 miles running through World Showcase and then we were out of the park. Once we we got back to the park to run around the ball, we only spent about a half of a mile before we were back out to the parking lot. The corralling system was better at Epcot vs. DL, however.

The half marathon course was the standard half marathon course at WDW. It was the same as the Donald that we ran at  marathon weekend for Goofy.  However, it does seem that runDisney has learned some lessons with the corralling.  The corrals were much smaller which made for a more efficient run.

I was interested in running the Wine and Dine Half Marathon since it was a different course.  But, since we were running the Tower of Terror 10 Miler the month before & it sold out in a day, we won’t be doing it this year.

The shirts were actually the most usable ones we have gotten for a runDisney race so far.  The other ones we have gotten have so much paint on them due to the silk screening processes that they are unusable for actual running.   These are light with minimal paint.

This was our first time staying at a monorail resort.  Traveling by monorail was much more convenient to the start of the race than stressing out in the buses.  If we do marathon weekend in January, I will certainly attempt to get a room on the monorail just to avoid all the other madness.

08. March 2014 by TheBald
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